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Diagramming can be a valuable tool for thinking as well as communication

Words alone are sometimes not sufficient. Diagrams can help us understand a situation in new ways, assisting with our thinking as well as communication. If you don't diagram already, try it out!

On clarifying the status of demoed products

Giving a demonstration of a future product or feature can be a great way to check if development is on the right track. Unfortunately stakeholders don't always understand that a demo can be very far from a finished product.

How to update MySQL to a version that is not available in Debian's repository

Sometimes Debian's repository does not have the MySQL version that we need.

Some files and information should not be in source control

Which are they, what should we do with them instead, and how can we avoid mistakes?

Prefer to create constructive or uplifting conversations at work

It is healthy to discuss negative parts of situations. When we are part of such a discussion, it is good if we can turn it in to an uplifting or constructive conversation.

Dark and light web themes: consider using a hybrid CSS/JS implementation

Instead of using either CSS media queries for operating system theme preferences or a Javacript-based theme selector we can use both. An automatic CSS-based switching and JS-based switching where the user can choose.

Usability anti-pattern: no controls in fullscreen

A fullscreen window needs to have an obvious button to get out of fullscreen mode.

Thoughts on self-managing teams

Self-managing teams are great. People feel their shared responsibility and come together to solve problems. There should be someone that is authorized to make decisions on specific topics. And the topic 'people' should not be forgotten.

Using Bluetooth audio devices on Debian

In this article I explain how I get high quality audio with my Bluetooth headset.

Git: how can we squash (flatten) commits

In this article I explain two ways in which we can squash commits.