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Catching an exception from an annotation on a JAX-RS resource

An exception resulting from an annotation cannot be caught in a regular try / catch block because the result of the annotation is computed before our code is executed.

Checking checksums

This page is about file checksums for situations where the distributor of the file also provides the checksum. If available, we always want to compare a given checksum with the checksum of the file we downloaded.

Thinking about how to organise my writing

Thinking out loud about where to place notes, as opposed to blog posts, and how to get them easy to find.

Solving a Gradle wrapper failure on a fresh Debian install

When I tried to load my gradle project in to IntelliJ IDEA on a fresh Debian install, it failed. I had to upgrade my project's gradle install using the gradle wrapper. It took a few steps. The latest version is 7.1.1, but it didn't work right away.

Mass file renaming in Linux

Noisy robot lawnmower or regular lawnmower

Is your robot lawnmower or regular lawnmower too noisy? Here are some things you can check.

Automatically blocking a git commit if we detect a known mistake

It is possible to automatically block a git commit if it makes a known mistake. This can be done with a pre-commit hook.

Avoid unmaintained and undifferentiated forks on your repository hosting profile

By forking many projects some people end up with too much on their profile page. Their original projects are hard to find. If you want to check out a project you can make a local clone. When you fork a project online, you are offering that project in that state. People might take you up on your offer and start using it as-is. You have a responsibility there.

Diagramming can be a valuable tool for thinking as well as communication

Words alone are sometimes not sufficient. Diagrams can help us understand a situation in new ways, assisting with our thinking as well as communication. If you don't diagram already, try it out!

On clarifying the status of demoed products

Giving a demonstration of a future product or feature can be a great way to check if development is on the right track. Unfortunately stakeholders don't always understand that a demo can be very far from a finished product.