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Title keywords make company websites easier to find later on

It is a good idea to put some keywords in your landing page title. Without keywords in the title I can't find you anymore next week when I need you. I mean the title of the page, not the title displayed in the page. In HTML terms, I mean the <title> tag in the <head> .

Some websites just state their name, like this made-up company example "FlowerHill Inc.". Why is this a problem? They clearly state their name. Yes, but the lack of keywords makes it difficult to find them again.

Let's say that this is a made-up landscaping company in my area. The week after I first visited that website I find myself in need of a landscaping company. This is a great opportunity for the company that I just found last week! They are immediately on the top of my mind.

But there is a problem. I search my browser history and my bookmarks. I search them for these terms: - "landscaping" - the three other local terms for landscaping - colloquial name for my geographical area - nearby town that they might have been located in - other towns... The page I am looking for isn't coming up.

By now I might remember that other company someone mentioned they used, and go with that instead. Or I start a web search for "landscaping in ...", where many other companies will show up in the web search.

Initially I wanted to use the initial website, their services or product. Unfortunately I just couldn't find them anymore. So let's make sure that we have some keywords in the landing page title. For example: "FlowerHill landscaping and rainwater management -- Hill Valley City".