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Connecting to your printer on a Linux system

If you are using a GNU/Linux distribution and are having trouble finding your printer in print dialog screens, the following may be of help to you. Make sure you have CUPS installed, the Common Unix Printing System . Start cups first, on my system this can be done by executing

# /etc/init.d/cups start

CUPS 1.5.3 uses http://localhost:631/ as the configuration utility. On my install, I was unable to print anything because no printer was found. Unfortunately I was also unable to add a printer. I had to edit the configuration file, which is located at /etc/cups/cupsd.conf Be sure to make a backup, if you do decide to edit it. I changed all lines containing

"DefaultAuthType ..." into "DefaultAuthType none"
"AuthType ..." into "AuthType none"

and removed all lines such as "Require user @SYSTEM" Then I was able to find my printer and print.

There are probably ways to get more fine-grained access control that still allows you to print, but frankly, when you need to print something you need to print it right then, and not a couple of days later. The mentioned edits might be seen as bad for security, but for a small network the risk seems low. Especially when compared to not being able to print.