Taco Steemers

A personal blog.

In case you have doubts about putting your (hobby) stuff out there

A video version can be found here

Maybe you have wondered if you want to put things online, out in the public. Like a personal website, a blog, or videos. Maybe you wonder about what people think.

I did at some point have doubts. I have a personal website, I like writing small articles or little webpages like the one you see now. I was worried about what people might think. I know I usually shouldn't worry about what people think, but I do sometimes do that.

People might think that I have an amateurish website and low-quality articles. They might have opinions about that strange person in my YouTube videos, sounding kind of robotic.

But then I started looking at which of my pages get visits. And usually, none of my pages get any visits at all. So I guess there is nothing to worry about. I should just do what I like, nobody is having an opinion of me.

There are some search terms where I am in the top five of Google search results. Those people get value from me and can go on with their lives without being stuck on something. I didn't try to get a good Google ranking for those search terms. I was just doing what I like. So mission accomplished, I had fun and some people found a good result for their search terms.

These days I also have a few informational videos online on YouTube, and YouTube provides analytics. Some people open them, but most don't actually watch a useful amount of the video. I was thinking, that is okay, because I like having made them, and I learned about making videos and doing basic editing.

Then, someone out there put a like on one of the videos. That right there, is another mission accomplished. Someone was helped by my video. I think that makes it worth the time I have spent on making videos.

I think that it is important to realize that people will only have an opinion of you if they are thinking about you, and they probably are not thinking about you at all. They might click away what you made, but I do that too. That is fine.

There is going to be someone out there who is a good fit for what you made. They will like it, and even though you might not know they exist, and they forget about you the moment a notification comes in on their phone, something good was accomplished there.

So if you like making harmless things, think of putting them out there. You might enjoy it like I do, and someone out there will enjoy it too at some point. A true win-win situation.