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Notes on Snip & Sketch

How to locate the Snip & Sketch directory

How to locate the Snip & Sketch directory

Other guides are unfortunately not reliable because the directory names can be different per computer.

We can reliably locate the Snip & Sketch directory by using the Windows File Explorer's built-in search functionality.

Paste the following into the file explorer location field.


The search result will show the ScreenClip directory. The Snip & Sketch temporary files are in that directory. If we want to keep those screenshots we will need to copy them to a save location. Windows can delete them from that directory at any time.

Easy access

We can make a shortcut for this search task.

  • Right-click the open area next to the search result.
  • The context menu will open.
  • Click "Save search".
  • Choose a location to save the search. A location where you will find it again; on your desktop for example.
  • Choose a name you will recognise. Perhaps name it "Snip & Sketch temporary files".
  • Click "Save" to finish.