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  1. On clarifying the status of demoed products

    Giving a demonstration of a future product or feature can be a great way to check if development is on the right track. Unfortunately stakeholders don't always understand that a demo can be very far from a finished product.

  2. Prefer to create constructive or uplifting conversations at work

    It is healthy to discuss negative parts of situations. When we are part of such a discussion, it is good if we can turn it in to an uplifting or constructive conversation.

  3. Thoughts on self-managing teams

    Self-managing teams are great. People feel their shared responsibility and come together to solve problems. There should be someone that is authorized to make decisions on specific topics. And the topic 'people' should not be forgotten.

  4. Mistakes will be made

    I occasionally make a mistake in a professional environment. Mistakes will be made, that is just how it is. We do have to keep looking at how we handle them and make sure we are not making a habit of it. Here I share some of my thoughts on the …

  5. I found myself working hard instead of smart

    Ah, the often mentioned "work smart, not hard". As well as "not invented here"...

    I had set out to re-launch my blog. Somehow, in my enthusiasm, I ended up writing a static website generator almost to completion. The only two remaining topics were the two topics that most looked like …